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Oyster Pearls


The most well known of all natural pearls are those that come from Oysters. 
Before the dawn of the cultured pearl industry ( early 1900's) all pearls were natural. These pearls, coveted by the very wealthy, provided a lively hood for millions world wide. Divers, boat captains, pearl traders and jewelers all made a living from natural pearls.
Traditional oyster beds found in The Persian Gulf, Gulf of Mannar and the Red Sea dominated the world pearl market through out much of history.
In the fifteenth century a new pearl source was found. In 1498, during his third voyage, Columbus is said to have discovered pearls off the coast of Venezuela. This discovery initiated a pearl rush which led to the exploration of the Pacific Coast. Indeed most of the Americas were explored by European sailors in search of Gold, Silver and Pearls.
Today natural pearls continue to be a treasure coveted by many. Unlike cultured pearls they have had no intervention by human hands. Rare and beautiful, they are a natural gem worthy of royalty.

Natural Oyster Pearl Collection

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